Malevich, une histoire moderne dans les rues de Barcelone

Arts Santa Mónica : Centre d’art contemporain Barcelona 2009

Commissaire Vicens Altaïo

Malévich, une histoire moderne, inventée où le faux (Fake) prend le pas sur la réalité. Un récit
en photos et dialogues entre deux personnages, un jeune et un autre plus âgé,
confrontant naiveté et expérience, mais trouvant les clés pour installer de manière fictive et parfois réelle
l’iconographie de Malevitch dans le rues de Barcelone. « Malevich is not dead, he lives in Barcelona »


8 reds rectangles

Michel Goday Vikipedia

elegance of art in the street, elegance of step

Remember Malevich: Cross and Black Square – Numancia street art Barcelona
Walking on these shapes. The structure does not derive from the relationship between the shape and the colours but from the vision emerging when walking through these shapes. Re-discovering the essence of Suprematism, this vertical vision from the highest point gives these figures the rank of a primary alphabet.


art shines, shoes too

Three Black Square and « Suprematism, 18th Construction » Barcelona Enric Granados Street / 15,75 x 21,65 inches / 40 x 55 cm
Remember Malevich, he writes : Color and texture are of the greatest value in painterly creation—they are the essence of painting but this essence has always been killed… In the art of suprematism, forms will live, like all living forms of nature.
Kasimir Malevich: From Cubism and Futurism
to Suprematism:
The New Painterly Realism, 1915


the artwork reproduced outside the box

Remember Malevich: Gala Placidia Square Barcelona
Does this man know that the original Airplane Flying is in the MOMA museum New York?


street art or dogs?

Remember Malevich: Aeroplane Flying. Dolors Monserda street art Barcelona
Urban representation of the intersection of art and everyday reality. The sacred work of Malevich is in the MOMA museum New York.


between two streets

Remember Malevich: Black and Red Square – Gracia district Barcelona

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witness of street art

Remember Malevich: Maria Cubi art street Barcelona
Man who paints observed by the Two Dimensional Self-portrait –the original is in the Stedelijk museum Amsterdam.


between the lines to better observe

Remember Malevich: 3 Black Squares and Red Square – Maria Cubi street art Barcelona
Opening the field of vision towards Kasimir Malevich’s work. Rediscovering and reinforcing the significance of his shapes, their universal meaning, and manipulating them to infinity in the city of Barcelona.


art is more affordable with the family

Remember Malevich: Bori i Fontesta street art Barcelona
A family walk through a Suprematist space.


bag with logo Remember Kasimir Malevitch

Remember Malevich: Passeig de Gracia Avenue Barcelona
Black Square, Circle, Cross, representing the three main figures of Suprematism


anonymous passage

Remember Malevich: Red and Black Square on the Ramblas Barcelona


yellow, sunny supremacism

Remember Malevitx: 3 Yellow Squares. Bori i Fontesta street art Barcelona


space reserved for art

Remember Malevitx: Bori i Fontesta street art Barcelona
Considering it is enough for the artist to place his action under the coverage of art, and to sign an agreement with society. Hence, to play with advantage.


quick pass on the black square

Remember Malewicz: Walking on the Black Square. Barcelona Aribau street art


Biker stopped and contemplating

Remember Malevich: A Harley Davidson stopping at a Suprematist Composition. Diagonal Avenue Barcelona.


Parking entrance

Remember Malevich: 3 Black Squares. Passeig de Gracia Avenue Barcelona – Street signs before Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batlló.


StreetArt- walking amount the art

Remember Malevitx: Madrazo street art Barcelona
Back or white? For the time being, black on white. A visual code, neutral writing in its widest sense, a graphic language system. Since the action takes place in the street, it becomes a minimalist poetic form.


devant le Centre d'Art Contemporain

Remember Malevitx: Arts Santa Monica Center Barcelona – Ramblas street art and another look at Suprematism.


Preview exhibition in Arts Santa Mónica

Remember Malevitch: Arts Santa Monica Center Barcelona – Ramblas
The figure as a deviation towards another history of forms and writing –maybe joining Roland Barthes when he says that man faces the objective world without passing through any of the figures of history or sociability.


Mobile phone : virtually cross suprematism

Remember Malevitch: Bringing the Black Square out of its storage to let it radiate its sensitive and emotional nature, once again but in a different context.



Malevich street

Remember Malevich: Se habrá inspirado Borges en la obra suprematista de Malevich para su descripción de El Aleph?
El Aleph, un punto en el espacio que contiene todos los puntos, la historia del universo en un solo lugar y un solo instante. Dicen que está relacionado con el número 19. Impregnado con esta idea, caminaba sin rumbo por Buenos Aires. Desorientado, paré para buscar mi camino, levanté la cabeza, estaba en el cruce de la avenida Malevich con Petrograd.


Signal on the street

Remember Malewicz: Suprematism composition in Buenos Aires. Street signal « parking here »


Feux sur passage piétons revisités

Remember Malewicz: Running Man traffic light in Buenos Aires


Buscando el Aleph

Remember Malevich Avenue and Petrograd street Buenos Aires


Comunication in the street

Remember Malevich: Russian Red banner. Diagonal Avenue Barcelona


Baner in the city

Comunicar en Barcelona Street